So close, yet so far.

That is how I feel right now, with my man sleeping in the hospital that is just a ten minute walk away.

He experienced extreme pain on Monday night, and by the next day, it was confirmed to be acute appendicitis. The hospital was fairly quick with the next steps, to which he got an operation that went smoothly just now, after a full day of waiting in the hospital. When he emerged three hours later from the OR, we found him pretty relaxed (thanks to the morphine), lying in his bed. He looked great, could move around and it was a relief to us all whom have been waiting in the visitors lounge.

I had appendicitis ten years ago, and mine was way complicated than his. For one, I got a wrong diagnosis from the first after-hours apprentice I went to, who said that it was stomach flu. He sent me home with pills, which naturally all came out when I threw up constantly. Finally when I was sent for surgery, it seemed my appendix decided to rupture. Comparing the excruciating pain I went through, to how smooth and straightforward it is for my man, is a great relief that he is in no danger or extreme pain.

All is left now is recovery, and I think he is capable of a speedy one. For now, I can just miss from my home, 1.3km away.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 @ 3:15 AM ∙

From a humble cashier...

...who is merely trying to make ends meet.

Dear lady whom I asked for a dollar donation to a children's literacy program, I'm sorry that you found the need to criticize the program (and myself for asking you to donate) so harshly. I am a tad bit sad to hear that you are offended with the program, because you won't receive something in return (like a "tax receipt", and if I may point out on a dollar donation), rather than find it in your good heart to help make this world a better place, starting with bright young minds.

Dear man who "didn't want to play devil's advocate", I'm sorry that you chose to defend the lady who cut the queue, and instead blamed it on the way our store is set-up. I may be at fault for asking her to rejoin the queue (with only you and one other gentleman in line), even though she said she was "there before any of you showed up", and although I was slightly upset she scolded me, I wasn't terribly offended either. It happens all the time anyway. You on the other hand made me cry. I was merely trying to reward you for your kind effort of standing in the right line-up. I'm sorry to say, but you were "devil's advocate" (you did say those words yourself).

Saturday, November 02, 2013 @ 5:29 PM ∙

Two Weeks

I am possibly the worst ever person at saying goodbyes, and this will be a whiny post.

My man left for London this morning with his dad and brother. It is a graduation present from his dad. They will be exploring London in the first week, and possibly Ireland and Scotland in the second week of their stay, and will be coming home at the end of August.

I've sobbed last night, and quite a few times before then at the thought of him going away. I am truly happy and excited for him, but I know I will miss him so badly, and I do. For the past month, we have hung out almost every single day, and I can never get sick of him. Now for two weeks, I will be without hugs and kisses. I watched him disappear into the airport today, with every few steps he would turn and wave goodbye, it made me smile as I tried hard to hold back the tears.

She & Him said it well.
Oh, what can you do with a sentimental heart?

Saturday, August 17, 2013 @ 2:03 AM ∙

Under The Facade

By this time, I'm guessing no one really comes by here to read the stuff I write anymore. Perhaps it is safe to type, but only a snippet.

I fell in love, and I fell hard. I am very happy, and I feel very lucky. But I am perturbed. There is something constantly on the back of my mind that's making me afraid. I am silly. This is my first true love. I have never been in a long relationship, and so I don't understand how it is like to have a past with someone whom you cared for dearly. I suppose that is what makes me scared. Surely you must still care for and think of that person, how so then can you care for in the same way for someone else? It's more than just that though. I feel judged and compared to, maybe not by the one I love, but by everyone else. This is hard to explain without exposing more, so I shall just leave it as that.

I don't know how to get this out of my mind. I am insecure - I never thought I would be this way, but being in a relationship, it is harder than I expected.

Thursday, July 25, 2013 @ 3:44 AM ∙

Thank Yous

My parents and brothers, Marielle, Yiwen, Jialing, Zhaoliang, Maurice Chia, Benedict Lai, Youxu, Doreen Chow, Kaihui, Szeloong, Thiago, Tessa, Jenna, Tara Mohan, Weixuan, David Chan, Jennifer Lee, Rebecca Lazar, Alex Gilbert, Aneesha, Edmund, Carin, Liz, Andrew McAllister, Stephen Davis, Kholby, Aoife, Carol, Andrea, Michael Yee, Seak Baek, Jade, Joanne, Theresa, Molly, Eva, Tammy, Christina, Weixun, Tansy, Kate Duncan, Navneet, Erin McCluskey, Angelia, Yisan, Eunice Chia, Janice Chua, Elaine Chong, Mark Pettler, Hannah Cherrett, Weilun, Puisee, Huiyi, Heather Taws, Tommy Wong, Eleanor, Denise Tay, Thomas Ho, Powen, David Zhao, Becky Liao, Audrey, Eshlyn, Jenny Duong, Abegail, David York, Maripaz, Solaion, Gary, Priveena, Mega, Melissa Ho, Wendy, Kelly, Jiahao, Emily Piercell, Kiyomi, Ying Hui, Joanne Ho, Melissa Fu, Michael Rubinstein, Lorna, Alli, Yeow Tong, Boon Ee, Han Zong, Jim Lee, Ren Hui, Lynette, Sheena, Aaron Looi, Felicia Poh, Jenalyn, Yuzhe, Jason, Fang Qing, Gladys, Grace Loi, Cheryl Phua, Alvin Yew, Elva, Michelle Yap, Jarrett, Alison Hill, Soon Heng, James Song, Dawn Kim, and most importantly, Eamon, my love who made my twenty-third birthday one filled with love and bliss.

You are all wonderful beings, thank you for being a part of my life ♥

Thursday, May 23, 2013 @ 1:13 AM ∙


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